NEW BFR Course Description and Map 5 mile loop

018742-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-square-download2016 Fat Tire Bike Ride Alt Route 2-24-16

Big Fat Ride Course Description


The Big Fat Ride is an opportunity to ride as a group in celebration of winter fat biking in the Last Frontier.  We will attempt to set a record for the largest fat bike ride in the world with over 1,000 participants.

The Big Fat Ride is a 5 mile loop following the Fur Rondy 5 mile dog mushing route and returning to downtown via Westchester lagoon and Costal Trail.

Only the main route will be marked.

Lululemon will have a cheering station on Westchester lagoon with hot drinks.

Ride Start

The ride is a mass start beginning  at 4th Ave/Egan Center in downtown Anchorage.

For parking, follow the Fur Rondy instructions on their website

Additional parking will be at the Sullivan arena for riders riding to the start.

The main ride is a 5 mile loop from 4th Ave/Egan Center to Cordova and Chester Creek Trail to Westchester lagoon from the start to Westchester Lagoon, with a loop around the lagoon, and then returning to the 2nd Ave/Christensen to finish.


Coastal Trail to Westchester Lagoon





Westchester Lagoon to Kincaid Park

For those wishing to ride beyond the marked route, there is a 25-mile Big Fat Ride route, which continues to Kincaid Park and back.

**Please note, the 25-mile course included as an optional route, but will not be marked.  You must navigate from Westchester Lagoon, to Kincaid and back, on your own.

Overview of the Big Fat Ride Course

2016 Fat Tire Bike Ride Alt Route 2-24-16